Classes Offered

We are a medieval martial arts school specializing in fully armored combat; think King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Ironside Medieval Combat is a family owned martial arts school. The school is based on a customized system developed to provide high quality sword instruction at a low cost. The school offers a wide variety of classes including unarmored dancing classes, foam weapons training, armored weapons training, physical fitness, and preparation for national and international competitions.

Colorado Springs Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield

This is a classic fighting style for those who want to be in the thick of the excitement. It offers a good defense with the ability to attack.

Colorado Springs Great Weapons

Great Weapons

This class features two weapon styles at once Longsword and Polearm. The two styles share a lot of similarities in movement and stance which is why they are being combined.

Longsword is a romance weapon. Aspiring knights and famous TV characters all use this style as their ultimate tool. It offers long distance offense with powerful attacks. Polearm is an extremely versatile style of fighting. Polearm describes weapons anywhere from 4 feet to 7 foot long pole with some form of a blade on one end. This style is a long distance weapon that hits with devastating force and power.

Monthly Membership

1. Base Package -$115 a month for two classes a week and open gym. Single track weapons training, for example only sword and shield. This is less than $10 a class.

2. Premium Package - $130 a month for unlimited classes in a single weapons track, for example longsword only. Open gym as well. This is less than $5 a class

3. Unlimited Package - $150 a month unlimited classes in all weapons training, and open gym. This is less than $3 a class

Punch Cards

Every regularly scheduled class and open gym has a base price of $20. Punch cards are sold with 8 stamps at a time at $160.

- This is a flexible option for students who want to train a limited time each month. Classes are taught in 55 minute sessions

- Open gym lasts several hours at a time. Open gym is the same price as a regularly scheduled class

Private Lessons

One on one instruction with an instructor of your choice is $60.

- Private lessons are great for students wanting to accelerate their lessons.

- Private lessons can be used to get extra work in before a competition.

- Private lessons are done in 55 minute sessions


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